Squarespace plugin for faster custom coding

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This plugin makes it easier and faster to grab page/collection/section IDs for use in your custom code.

How this plugin works

Why this plugin exists

If you’re adding custom CSS or javascript to your Squarespace site and you want to target specific collections, pages and sections with your custom code, this tool will speed-up your process significantly saving you time and therefore money.

Every page, collection and section has an ID. If you want to add custom styling or features to a specific page or section, you need the ID. Normally you’d open your browser developer tools window to inspect the elements, find the ID in the code, copy it and paste in your custom code. With this plugin, the IDs are visible in the Squarespace editor window (you can toggle them on/off) and the ID will be copied to your clipboard by simply clicking on it. You can even set the plugin to copy the entire CSS selector, saving you even more time.

Plugin need-to-knows

How to use the plugin

After purchase you will receive the plugin code and instructions as a text file by email. Installing the plugin is simply copying and pasting. You do not need to do anything else.

Why no demo? Simply to protect myself because if someone has knowledge of javascript and developer tools, they could steal the plugin from the demo site without paying for it. I know you want to see the plugin working, so that’s why I have a video demoing the plugin (the demo is also on Youtube). If you have any other questions beyond what is shown in the video, feel free to contact me.

Terms of use

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