Yes, this website is intentionally simple. It's also insanely efficient and fast.

Did you know the internet consumes more electricity than the UK every year and pollutes more than the aviation industry?

This is only set to grow as a result of the tools available to everyone such as the advancement of resource-intensive AI and the increasing ease of building a visually impressive website quickly and cheaply using site builders like Squarespace and Framer.

The Square Ace website is not built with Squarespace - it doesn't need to be. It is consciously simple and efficient to minimise its impact on the environment.

These optimisations also make the website extremely fast, resulting in better SEO, better user-experience, and probably better conversion rate (50% faster → 12% more sales).

Image of Google PageSpeed Insights score showing 100/100 for performance, best practices and SEO, and 93/100 for accessibility.

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If you would like to reduce your website's carbon footprint and speed things up for your users, please contact me via the link at the bottom of this page.